Amit Turkenitz
Family photography



The package

  • A phone call to discuss locations, outfits and activities
  • 1.5-2 hour photography session, on location of your choice
  • More than one location is encouraged (your house, the park, the beach, a cafe)
  • You receive all digital files - filtered and processed. They are yours.
  • All files are provided in high resolution as well as web quality
  • No prints included

Price: $600
NSW school break special (July 7-22, 2018): $480

About the photography session

It's going to be a fun day. We'll have an exciting build-up over the phone to think of locations and activities. I'll guide you on how to ignore me and be the family that you are. It will be awkward for ten minutes, and then you'll stop noticing me. We'll flow between locations, try different ways of being silly and maybe change some outfits. We'll strike some poses, or not - depending on how we feel. 

It will be a day to remember. 

After the photography session

All photos from the day are yours. They'll be processed, filtered, edited and given to you in digital formats - both in high resolution for printing, and in web quality for sharing. This will take up to two weeks (but more likely just a few days).