Amit Turkenitz
Family photography


Ten awkward minutes...

“Amit I'm finding it really hard to look at myself!”

“Amit I'm finding it really hard to look at myself!”

Tell me if this sounds familiar - someone happens to take a photo of you, and for some reason you love it. You love it more than you usually like photos of yourself. Maybe you didn’t notice the camera, maybe the light setting was unique - it doesn’t matter. You finally have a photo of yourself that you absolutely love.

What do you do? You upload it. To every social platform. Then you change your profile picture. On every single platform. Then you copy the file to a folder on your desktop called “good photos of myself”. In short - you celebrate it like kids celebrate a new toy.

Ruth was proactive and wanted to treat herself to this toy, and we went on a 2 hours photoshoot at Waverton’s Coal Loader. I promised her it would be awkward for 10 minutes, and then we’ll warm up to it and have fun for the rest of the time. I was right.

Ruth was the perfect subject for photography. Her mindset was “I don’t care if it’s awkward - we’re doing it!”

I thought the photos were brilliant, so when I sent them I kindly asked permission to use ones she likes in a blog.

“Amit I'm finding it really hard to look at myself! Did you want me to pick some that I like?”

OK, that doesn’t sound like a pleased customer…

I said she doesn’t have to pick any and I don’t have to write a blog about it.

She was silent for 10 minutes (which is like a year in online chat time). And then...

“Can I pick the photos? There are some I really love.”

“Ok. There are lots. I just had to get used to looking at myself… Top picks are 86. Love this one. And 107. Then 1 4 5 13 34 38 41 43 44 48 51 54 69 74 88 96 99”

I did promise 10 awkward minutes before it will become fun...